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Going to be a bride soon? Five things every makeup artist wishes brides knew about skin care

Skin care is the top priority for every bride, but it often gets disrupted due to the immense pressure of other wedding related things like shopping, finalizing guest lists and more such involvements. As a result, when the D Day comes and you prepare yourself for the makeup, the make-up artist simply gets shocked to see your skin condition.

Makeup artists are magicians but when it comes to working on a damaged skin, they do need to increase the layers of makeup in order to hide the flaws.

Every bride has high expectations from their make up artist but fulfilling those expectations does not completely depend on the artist himself or herself. Brides do have a significant role to play here. In this article, we have shared with you 5 things that every make-artist wishes brides knew about skin care.

How to prepare the skin for the wedding day?


    1. Rely on a trustable salon:

If you have sensitive skin or frequently deal with skin issues like acne, acne scars, pigmentation, or excessive dryness then you must seek help from experts. Long term skin problems need proper care and expert hands to be treated properly.  


    • Book a bridal package 3 to 4 months before your wedding date in a trusted salon with experts. We recommend professional makeup artist for all your beauty needs. Whether you want to prepare your skin for your special days or you just want healthy skin, we are here to help. We have experienced specialists who suggest the right skin care treatment for you for healthy and glowing skin.

    • Discuss your skin issues with skin experts. Make sure you clearly reveal the nature of your skin and the products you use on a regular basis and also mention if you have any disease that may affect your skin.

    • If you are dealing with pimples and scars, make sure you have an ample amount of time before your wedding to bear the side effects of acne treatments. This is because acne treatments usually dry out your skin which may need some time to get normalized.


    1. Treat your skin if you have dry patches

Make up artist often find it difficult to cover dry patches during make up. They even claim that dry patches are more problematic to handle than acne. This is because make up on dry patches often make the skin look cakey which ultimately hampers the overall look of the bride.

One of the major reasons behind this skin issue is using the wrong skin care products.

This usually happens when you fail to understand your skin type and pick up the wrong products from the market. That is why you need expert advice for the best results for your skin.

When you get the right products for your skin that are recommended by experts, do not forget to follow the CTM( cleansing, toning & moisturising) routine.

Remember one thing whether you have dry skin or oily, moisturisation is very important to keep it hydrated and glowing.


    • Adding vitamin supplements to your diet

When it comes to your skin, you need to work on the internal part as well. besides maintaining a healthy diet, you must try to add biotin supplements to it. They do magic on your skin, nails and hair if they suit your system.

Vitamin c is another skin friendly vitamin that helps remove dark spots, blemishes, and repair skin faster.

Vitamin E supplements also work well on your skin and reduce hair fall to a great extent.


    • Don’t put or let anybody put a lot of haldi during haldi ceremony

Gone are those days when haldi was used to get glowing. Today a lot of things are mixed with haldi that ultimately destroys its benefits.

Moreover, haldi makes your skin look yellow instead of adding glow to it. Sometimes even make up fails to remove the yellowish tint on your skin. So, stay away from haldi as much as you can on your haldi ceremony.


    • Do not experiment with your skin

Trying out new products just a few days before marriage based on random suggestions is a big no. You do not know if the product will pamper your skin or ruin it. Your skin needs time to get accustomed to a new product and if it is too harsh on it then it may give birth to a lot of new skin problems. So if you want to try anything new on your skin. Make sure you do it 3 to 5 months before the day.


    • Facials and face massage

Facials and face massages drastically improve your skin. If you do not prefer to do a facial then you must go for a face message. They both improve blood circulation that makes your skin healthy and glowing.

We hope that these above-mentioned tips would be helpful for you and help you stay ready to face the makeup artist with a healthy skin. If you are also preparing to gear up for your wedding or concerned about your skin health, you can contact Style and Smile. We have a team of experts who are specially trained to take care of your skin and treat your skin issues efficiently.